September 28 - World Rabies Day | Print |

Rabies is a fatal disease. The only effective means of prevention is the timely provision of anti-rabies assistance to persons affected by contact with the animal. However, the effectiveness of the measures taken directly depends on the timely (within a day) application for medical care. Refusal to vaccinate or unauthorized interruption of the vaccination course can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Dangerous to a person is not only bites and scratches inflicted on a patient or suspected rabies animal, but also by the smearing of damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Only a doctor (surgeon, traumatologist) will be able to assess the risk of possible infection with the rabies virus and appoint a vaccination course if necessary.

It is very important, at the same time that you contact a doctor, to take (if possible) measures against the animal - it must be isolated and called a veterinarian for consultation and monitoring.

Rabies can be prevented by knowing and following simple rules of conduct:

to observe the established rules for the maintenance of domestic animals (dogs, cats) and annually, without fail, to provide their pets to a veterinary institution at their place of residence for the purpose of prophylactic vaccination against rabies;

if the animal is ill, or if symptoms do not exclude rabies, and in cases of changes in the behavior of the pet, damage to it from another animal, death for no apparent reason, contact a veterinarian to establish a 10-day observation of the animal or to determine the cause his death. In no case can one engage in self-medication of the animal - it is deadly dangerous;

avoid unnecessary contact with animals, especially wild and / or neglected;

it is forbidden to bring wild animals home. As a rule, healthy wild animals avoid meeting a person. And if such an animal appears in the village, it can be safely assumed that it is rabid. In this case, you need to take all measures of personal precaution and security for yourself and your loved ones;

it is not recommended to take homeless or sick animals from the street, but if they did, then find an opportunity in a short time to show the pet to the veterinarian and to do a prophylactic vaccination against rabies.

Children suffer from injuries caused by animals, therefore it is necessary to constantly conduct explanatory work with them.

Your health is in your hands. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!