March 20 - World Oral Health Day | Print |

The beauty of our smile depends on careful oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene should become a habit from childhood. Beautiful and healthy teeth are not just a sign of an excellent physical condition of a person. Snow-white and attractive smile raises mood, disposes to pleasant dialogue and is a symbol and an indicator of health and human well-being.

It is enough to follow regularly some simple rules that underlie the whole world experience:

• Proper oral hygiene (regularly and correctly brush your teeth, use dental floss and rinse);

• balanced diet (limiting the intake of carbohydrates, especially simple ones, sufficient intake of calcium, inclusion in the diet of dairy products, nuts and green vegetables). In addition to calcium, your teeth need phosphorus, fluorine, iron, vitamins D, B6 and C);

• use of fluoride (eating fluoridated edible salt, daily two-times use of fluoride-containing toothpastes with age restrictions);

• Regular visits to the dentist for preventive purposes (at least once a year).

• It is also necessary to abandon bad habits (smoking is bitter enemy of a snow-white smile). Excessive consumption of coffee and strong tea also cause significant damage to your teeth.

All the details of the oral care can be found at the doctor-dentist. Do not put off a visit to the dentist if you notice the appearance of white spots on the teeth. Note that treatment of dental caries at an early stage is most effectively and painless, whereas in neglected cases often have a tooth removed.

Smile on health!

Remember that early detection and treatment of problems of gums and teeth will help for a long time to maintain oral health.