September 22 - World Car Free Day | Print |

In the period from 16 to 22 September in the Republic of Belarus is an international environmental action "Day without a car"

More than 80% of the pollution of the atmosphere falls on the share of vehicles. The pace of production is growing: the car is on the third place among the most advertised goods after alcohol and tobacco. Emissions of automobile engines, inadequate maintenance of existing vehicles and conditions for fuel quality, an increase in the number of cars and an increase in the intensity of their operation all lead to a steady increase in emissions of harmful substances and deterioration of atmospheric air quality in cities. One of the most important factors reducing vehicle emissions is availability and availability of maintenance facilities and troubleshooting with reliable diagnostic equipment and qualified technical personnel.

How can we reduce harmful emissions from the car ourselves?

For example, an elementary adjustment of the engine of the machine can reduce harmful emissions by 10%.

Drivers are also encouraged to:

- muffle the motor at stops;

- think about how to avoid prolonged warming up of the engine in the cold season;

-to respect the rights of pedestrians, to brake before the "zebra" and signs of pedestrian crossing, not to ignore or press against the curb of the bicyclists;

-build "unloading days" without a car, in advance planning how to get to work in another way.

We call on all motorists and drivers, whenever possible, to refuse to use personal vehicles on September 22, and thereby make their own contribution to reducing air pollution!