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In  RSPC Pulmonology and Tuberculosis since 2009 Commission of multidrug - resistant tuberculosis (hereinafter - Consultation on MDR ) comprising:

Skryagina E.M. - Deputy Director for Science (Chairman);

Kralko V.Y. - Methodist of organizational and methodological sector (Vice-Chairman);
Vetushko D.A. - Head of TB ( drug-resistant TB ) department number 3 for adults (secretary);
Gurevich G.L. - Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis;
Kalechits O.M. - Head of the  department of monitoring and evaluation;

Nikolenko E.N. - Bacteriologist of the Republican reference laboratory;
Klymuk D.A. - Researcher of department of monitoring and evaluation;
Metelitsa L.I. - Phthisiatrician of TB ( drug-resistant TB ) department number 3 for adults;
Sanin I.V. - Radiologist;
Makeychik V.V. - Deputy head of the pharmacy;
Solodovnikova V.V. - Senior researcher of department of laboratory diagnostics and tuberculosis treatment;
Saprikina L.I. - Methodist of organizational and methodological sector;
Krivosheeva Z.I. - Candidate of Medical Science, Docent, Head Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus for child TB;
Babchenok I.V. - Head of the TB (pulmonary) department for children.

Consultation is held weekly on Wednesdays from 10-00 -14-00 session on patient selection s hospitalization , clarifying diagnosis and reserve antituberculosis drugs in patients with multidrug - resistant tuberculosis .

Treatment assignment redundant anti-TB drugs is carried out only by a decision of the Councils .